September 6, 2018

It is a no-brainer that Novak Djokovic is one of the best tennis players of all time due to his results, but it is even more amazing to see the success of Novak as he gets older.  It is a common assumption in men’s tennis that once a player hits thirty, they will slow down, as if hey almost hit a brick wall that is blocking them from success.  This is not the case for Novak as he is 31 years old, and his results have even been better later in his career.  

The first major title in Novak's extravagant career came at the age of 2, in which he beat Tsonga at the Australian Open.  Ten years later, in 2018 he defeated Kevin Anderson in the finals of Wimbledon after recently coming back from a severe elbow injury that kept him out for about a year.  The difference in a player winning th...

April 4, 2018

A woman in tennis is considered a veteran when they are 27.  As crazy as that sounds it’s reality and Danielle Collins just graduated from the University of Virginia at 22.  She is 24 now, won 2 singles NCAA national championship titles, and just got to the semifinals of the Miami Open.  This performance at the Miami Open was sparked by a career best round if 16 finish at Indian Wells right before Miami.  People may be wondering where all this success came from out of nowhere, and the answer is college tennis. 

3 main effects of college tennis on Danielle:

  1. College tennis operates in an environment where students are banging pots and screaming during the matches.  This helps make anything that happens at a professional tennis match in front of a bigger crowd, nothing....

February 8, 2018

     Serena Williams has been the face of women’s tennis ever since her debut when she was sixteen years old.  She has shattered almost every record in women’s tennis history except Margaret Courts grand slam record, in which she is only one title short with 23 titles.  Serena was number one in the world at one point in every year between 2002 and 2017 which is unmatched.  She even won the Australian Open while pregnant, which is absurd.  Her sister Venus, who is also one of the most recognized women tennis players of all time is not even in the same ball park as Serena.  With all of this having been said, Serena got pregnant and had to take a long break from tennis in which the television views went down quickly.

     Without Serena, Simona Halep took the...

December 26, 2017

The season for tennis has just finished and the off-season grind has just started.  This time of the year is key to all players, because this is where the amount of work put in can separate you from the pack.  While certain players are on vacations, the players still grinding and working hard will look much better when the season starts.  All the good players will take a short vacation, and then begin to train through the rest of the off season.  With the ending being how it was to the season certain players will have to have fast starts next year.

One of these players, Andy Murray, got injured toward the end of last season which kept him out for a while.  The recovery process will need to be long, and successful to get back to the number one spot in the world he wants.  In o...

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