Sexual Assault in Football

December 3, 2018

     Sexual assault is way too prominent in the NFL today, because of the precedent set in the past.  Players in the past and the present are being suspended games in the season for committing an act that can forever change a woman’s life.  Sexual assault is no joke and is so much bigger than any NFL game.  Ezekiel Elliot beat up his wife and only got suspended six games.  There is no way any person who commits an act of sexual assault should be able to step a foot on the field ever again in a professional setting.  Once such a horrific act has been committed, you are no longer a professional. You are a criminal.


     Most people who believe these suspensions are sufficient in punishment and like to give these players another chance need to consider the impact of sexual assault on women and the trend this sets.  Sexual assault causes women to commit suicide, because of how they are constantly reminded of the instance of sexual assault in everything they do.  This is called psychological violence and is being justified every day these athletes are only suspended games for these actions.  Additionally, sexual assault often ends up in the destruction of hope and a strike of fear in the victims that should never have been there in the first place.  Anyone who begs to question of whether the harms done to the women outweighs these athletes playing on Sundays is disgusting.


     Just this past weekend an important precedent was set, when Kareem Hunt kicked a woman and got released from his team immediately when the Chiefs found the video.  Kareem lied to the Chiefs and did not tell them all that happened the night in Cleveland that Kareem committed this awful action, which made the situation even worse.  The fact that Hunt got released from the Chiefs is essential, to show how players should be treated once they sexually assault a woman, or touch them inappropriately.


      One issue with the whole Kareem Hunt situation is that it required a video of proof for anyone to take action about the sexual assault.  It should not take a video for sexual assaulters like Ray Rice and Kareem Hunt to be punished so harshly.  Even in the situation where there is clear evidence, not in the form of a video, such as the Ezekiel Elliot situation, the player needs to be released.  This is the only way to make sure in the future people who commit sexual assault won’t play ever again, which is the only viable option!




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