The 2018 FIFA World Cup

June 21, 2018

With the basketball, football, and hokey seasons all over, the only thing besides baseball left to watch is the world cup. Since I am not that big of a soccer fan, I cannot say I have the most knowledge, but the world cup even gets me.  Every world cup I always get pumped to root for The United States National team.   Unfortunately, this season the USA did not make it and I and the rest of the fanbase cannot have the same enthusiasm as always.  This does not change the overall spirit most sports fans have for this event. 

Because of the heated debates over who is the best countries, a ranking system had to be made.  The top three teams are:

  1. Spain- With Isco, Ramos, Iniesta, De Gea, and Costa, this is the team to beat.  Their style of dominating the possession statistics by passing a lot makes them the hardest team to beat.

  2. Germany-  This cannot be a surprise to anyone.  All Germany does is generate talent consistently to the point where they always seem like they end in the top four teams left.

  3. Belgium- The issue for Belgium is they often fail to meet their high expectations.  Their talent is good enough to win the whole tournament, but with defensive styled teams such as Iceland they get frustrated and crumble.













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