2018 FIFA World Cup, Germany 0-1 Mexico: 3 Points to Talk About

June 21, 2018

Germany has been a staple as one of the best teams in the past few FIFA World Cups. The only thing stopping them from repeating there 2014 feat, is mental lapses. In the game against Mexico they started to get complacent and lazy. They were playing as if they were ahead 3-0, even thought, they were down 1-0. Even with the shocking loss to Mexico, Germany is the favorite to win the title in many people’s minds. 


Some of the issues with Germany come from there mentality. They occasionally have times in the game where they just coast because they expect to in the game anyways. When they played a team, such as Mexico with Hirving Lozano and Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, the cannot just coast. Lozano took advantage of Germany on the counter attack, which eventually led to their only goal that won them the game.


Germany has a few older leaders of the team that should of took control, when the team started to get flustered. A couple of the players with the leadership qualities are Thomas Müller, Mesut Özil, Toni Kroos, and Marco Reus. Not one of these players took charge, which may worry a lot of the Germany fans.


With the huge debate about where Germany will end up, there is three main talking points to worry about:


1.    VAR- The video assistant referee already played a big factor in this world cup. Iran would have tied Spain, if they did not have this system. This system is terrible for Germany, because they pass the ball often, which can lead to a reviewed offsides call. If the ball is touched one too many times and an offside penalty is called right in front of the goal, it will be devastating. Germany cannot afford to lose another match, so this system may play a huge role in their fate or the rest of this tournament.


2.    Consistency- The 2014 World Cup Germany was so consistent in there play with no mercy. This Germany team does not look like it has that same-consistent killer instinct. If that consistency is missing, Germany will be in a boat load of trouble in their next match against Sweden. 


3.    The young team- This Germany team is not like ones of the past, because of how young this team is. Thomas Müller at only 28 years old has the responsibility of being a leader, while managing to play at a high level. This is a key difference, because the 2014 Germany championship team did not have this issue. Germany’s success may very well depend on whether the leaders can play up to snuff, while playing a leadership role to the younger players.



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