A mutually beneficial trade sends Isaiah Thomas to the Lakers

February 8, 2018

     Some players just don’t fit with certain teams, and this is the case with Isaiah Thomas and the Cavaliers.  To call the Cavs dysfunctional in the month of January would be an understatement considering their record is 7-8 with Isiah Thomas in the starting lineup.  The only solution to this seemed to be him being traded away, or the Cavs having a heated team meeting.  The second option was tried, but it failed miserably with the whole team taking sides on Kevin Loves “laziness.”  Today Isaiah and Channing Frye were traded to the Lakers for Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson with a protected first round pick.  This ends up being a great trade for both sides.


     For the Lakers, they now have more cap space, which allows them to pursue superstars like LeBron and Paul George in the off season.  Additionally, it allows the Lakers to attract this star power they are in much need of with Isaiah Thomas, who can play like himself for a couple reasons.  He is going to be the lone star and likes having the ability to control the offense, which he will be able to do for the Lakers Additionally he will be in a system offense that Luke Walton provides, which he succeeded in Boston.  Getting rid of two young players like Clarkson and Nance actually doesn’t hurt the Lakers considering most of their team is in the low 20s.  This indicates that either way there will be youth and the energy the Lakers once had years ago.


     For the Cavs, they can get rid of what they call there “cancer” in the locker room and on the court.  Isaiah caused a team that was in the finals last year to be third in the east and not in a good position with the playoffs approaching.  Getting the youth of Nance and Clarkson will help provide a future for the Cavs that was not there before.  Now, even if LeBron decides to part ways with the organization, there is at least a little hope.  Clarkson will help provide a spark of energy and instant offense coming off the bench, as shown by him being the second-best scorer off the bench to the almost all-star Lou Williams.  Nance will bring an inside presence that will give the team a spark with continuing his father’s legacy as he was a famous Cavalier player. 


     The Lakers and Cavs play on March 11th, which will be and instant watch and might get a little chippy.





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