The Tennis Off-Season

December 26, 2017

The season for tennis has just finished and the off-season grind has just started.  This time of the year is key to all players, because this is where the amount of work put in can separate you from the pack.  While certain players are on vacations, the players still grinding and working hard will look much better when the season starts.  All the good players will take a short vacation, and then begin to train through the rest of the off season.  With the ending being how it was to the season certain players will have to have fast starts next year.


One of these players, Andy Murray, got injured toward the end of last season which kept him out for a while.  The recovery process will need to be long, and successful to get back to the number one spot in the world he wants.  In order to do this, he will have to dethrone Nadal, which is near impossible with the way he was playing last year.  If Murray gets his fast and consistent yet explosive game back to where it is he can give any of the top players a run for their money.  The key for him is staying healthy and improving the best way he can in the off season. 


This is alike Novak Djokovic, who needs to recover from an injury that dropped him from the top of the game to thirteen in the world.  If he can reboot and recover in the off season his talent is undeniable.  He is the best player in the world at full strength and health due to his consistency and accuracy he hits the ball with.  Watching the success of his rivals Nadal and Federer, he should be motivated and better than ever when the season starts.  The good thing for him is that he missed a couple of the big tournaments last year’s o he will be defending no points which gives him a clear path to success.


A third player, Milos Raonic has had injuries all over his body that have kept him from continuing the success he once had.  At one-time Milos was a Wimbledon Finalist, and six in the world, but injuries have plagued him his whole career.  With a healthy and work intensive off season, next season he will have many opportunities to restore the success he once had.  This is especially true because he will be defending even less points then Novak, which will make the risk reward for a lot of big tournaments in his favor.  With that big serve and good hands at the net, Milos at full strength gives any top player in the world problems.




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