Projected NFL Playoff Contenders

December 25, 2017


The NFL playoff situation is very interesting right now, and this list of rankings will give you an idea of who is the 5 best and worst teams if they make it to the playoffs.



  1. The Patriots- A very good team all around with the leadership of the GOAT Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.  This team can make pretty much any player in the offense look good.  The only way they will be stopped is if their defense gives in, like the game against the Chiefs week 1.  Otherwise, Tom Brady is too good of a game manager for anyone to beat them.

  2. The Jaguars- This team has the best defense in the NFL, and as the saying goes defense wins championships.  As long as Blake Bortles is solid, they will be a tough team to knock out, but the key factor is Leonard Fournette.  If he is healthy and pounding the ball down the opposing teams throat, the defense will lead them to the promise land.  I mean there not called Sacksonville for nothing.

  3. The Steelers- The worry about this team is Antonio Brown being injured deep into the playoffs.  The explosives the offense possesses will make them a tough out, especially if Le'veon Bell can dominate rushing and receiving like he always does.  The defense has been solid, but the often times they play zone coverage leads to qb’s such as Brady picking them apart.  This is where they ae vulnerable, but otherwise they are real contenders.

  4. The Chiefs-  This team once was balanced, but since the loss of Eric Berry at the beginning of the season there has been a drop of that led to a losing streak.  They got back to their more balanced play, where Kareem Hunt is being handed the ball at least twenty times a game.  This is the formula to win, because it will give the defense more confidence and keep them off the field at the same time.

  5. Ravens-  The defense on this team is ridiculously good.  It is the second best in the AFC and will keep them in most games.  The only thing holding this team back from being a top two team is the offense. This unit has played better lately, and if they continue their success it will be difficult for teams to beat them.  If they don’t score points teams like the Patriots will just dominate the game.


  1. The Vikings- This team has an elite defense and a surprisingly good offense with the third string qb Case Keenum starting.  This has been Keenum’s best year by far, and has a connection with pro bowl wide receiver Adam Thielen.  Everyone forgets about how they still have Diggs on the other side, which makes them dangerous.  Kyle Rudolph serves as their main red zone target, when they need a high percentage throw, and all around this team is sound.

  2. The Eagles-  It is unfortunate that the Eagles lost Carson Wentz, a clear elite qb and MVP candidate.  If they didn’t lose him, they would be the clear best team in the NFC with the way that they were playing on offense.  They are very good running the ball with Blount and the acquisition of Ajayi.  The defense is elite, and is very good at getting turnovers at the most critical times in the game.  Even with Nick Foles at qb they are still going to be a tough team to knock off.

  3. The Saints- The running back tandem the Saints have in Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara is the best in the NFL.  They both can do anything with Kamara being a little more versatile, and Ingram being a little more tough while running between the tackles.  With to be hall of fame qb Drew Brees, the passing game is exceptional no matter the wide receivers he has.  The difference maker is the defense, which has performed great so far.  If it could hold up and create the number of turnovers it is creating right now, the Saints will be a real super bowl contender.

  4. The Rams- This team might be the most improved team in the NFL from last year.  Their offense was terrible last year and since coach Sean Mcvay got there, the Rams have completely turned around the culture.  Now there is a winning culture with an MVP candidate running back in Todd Gurly, and Jared Goff playing outstanding at qb.  The Ram defense is really good, just like it has been for years, but the major difference is the ability to brake games right open.  If they can win the game at the line of scrimmage, which should be easy with Gurley, they will be tough to beat and are a super bowl contender.

  5. The Panthers- With Cam Newton at qb, the Panthers will always have a chance to win games.  If Cam is playing like the 15-1 Cam Newton, then they are serious contenders.  On the other hand, if Cam plays like the Cam that throws a lot of interceptions, then they are not a good team.  The defense is really solid and gives the offense opportunities by the turnovers they create.  It is a matter if the Panthers can create offense at an elite level, and if they do Cam will give them a chance to win every single game, which is all that anyone could ask for as a football fan in the playoffs.










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