The Problematic College Football Playoff Committee

December 7, 2017

The college football playoff committee has been praised by some people, but has disgusted others.  Everyone can agree that this committee is better than the old national championship game that included two teams that got there by the way of being one of the top two teams in the ap rankings but there still are two evident problems with the new system that was made:

  1.  The way that this old poll excluded some other very deserving teams based on past success of the program

There are teams that feel like they still do not have chance to get into the playoff even if they are undefeated and have beaten a couple of ranked teams by double digits.  The playoff system was supposed to fix this, but for teams such as UCF think otherwise.  At one time during the year UCF was ranked 15 and Mississippi State was ranked 14 in the college football playoff committee rankings.  The problem with this is UCF was undefeated and Mississippi state already had 3 losses at the time.  This shows the lack of respect the committee has for the not power five conference teams, even if they are clearly better.  UCF at the time had beaten Memphis by double digits, while Mississippi State did not have any win that formidable.  Problems such as this one will continue to exist until there rout of inclusion for teams like UCF into the playoffs. 


2. The ability to get away with an easier Schedule


Teams are now noticing that if they go undefeated and win the conference title, while playing bad out of conference teams they will make the playoffs.  Wisconsin did not beat a single ranked team in the last disclosed list of rankings by the committee going into the conference title game, but was undefeated just like UCF.  The difference between the two colleges records was that UCF had already beat a ranked Memphis team by 27 points.  Common sense would say that UCF would be higher ranked then Wisconsin because of the win versus a ranked team, but this wasn’t that case with Wisconsin at 3 and UCF at 12.  The sole reason this happened is because the past history of Wisconsin had an influence on the decision, which is not fair to UCF.


3. The arbitrary way they choose who makes it in the playoff


There is no metric whatsoever that the college football playoff committee uses to determine what the rankings are week to week.  This is shown by this year’s college football final rankings with a one loss Alabama team in the fourth spot instead of Ohio State a two-loss conference champion.  If Alabama and Ohio State are compared it is evident that OSU has one more win against ranked teams and won the conference championship.  This is problematic, because what metric was even used to put Alabama in the playoff considering Ohio State was better in almost all areas.  The committee picked Alabama due to there “total body of work,” but OSU is still better in this aspect. 


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